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Collecting antique pocket watches offers a fascinating hobby appealing to both men and women, young and old. Collectors can find examples of many different types of fine watches, or specialize in a particular brand or historical era. Internet sites, local antique dealers, and estate sales provide plenty of sources for happy watch hunting.

Dating a Watch
The serial number of a pocket watch is the best guide to its age. Look for the serial number on the inside of the watch, inscribed on the workings, rather than on the outside of the case. Once you find the serial number, check a good guide book for probable date and possible value. Two popular historical eras for American watch collecting include the pre-1865 period for Civil War buffs and the period of railroad pocket watches from 1890 and following. Watches made before 1700 buy panerai watches are quite rarely found outside of formal collections.

Looking for Value
Values for vintage watches are similar to values for other valuable antiques-they are based on what buyers are willing to pay. The metal of the watch case is one indicator of value. A reputable jeweler can verify the value of case. Watches that are gold-filled, rather than solid gold, panerai replica Watches Online will often say something like "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate." Markings like "14K" or "18K," may indicate solid gold, but these markings were also used at times by certain watch case makers for 14 or 18 gold-filled.

The condition of the watch also plays a large part in determining probable value. Experts look for watches that are in prime condition, either in new or like new condition with no sign of wear. Blemish free cases, perfectly working parts, and no sign of dirt or dust are indications of top condition. If the watch also has original paperwork to indicate the place of sale, date, or owner, it would be considered more valuable. Ownership by a famous person increases the value, but must be well documented by authentic paperwork. At the lowest end of the value scale would be a piece that shows obvious signs of abuse or one that is not in working order-dealers might use these for spare parts to repair more valuable watches in the finer brands. Quality might also be indicated by the number of jewels in the watch. Higher quality watches often have 19-21 jewels if they were made as late as the 20th century.


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