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Rolex watches shopping guide

A replica Rolex can easily be found if you know what to look for. More than you can almost tell in just a few minutes, if it is true, or search functions, and counterfeit Rolex watches can not be repeated. Here are 5 ways to immediately spot a replica: 1. Second-hand sports - save for a short time, in which quartz watches Rolex movements (Oyster Quartz) power supply, mechanical. This means that they have a smooth sweeping motion, when the second hand moves around the dial - "tick" about 5-8 times per second.

Many high-end replicas almost duplicate this effect, but almost is the keyword - or even most high-end counterfeit watch around three to four times a second check. This also produced a similar "sweep" of the illusion, but it is obvious, it is not a real Rolex movement smoothly. 2. A clear case back - the construction of many high-end brands have a clear case of his watch to show the complexity of the movement. See the magic tick the gear and gear is charming, but do not be Fake Rolex GMT For Sale fooled! Many copies will attempt to show that sports a clear case to support this fact. While this is undoubtedly an interesting feature, is employed by a variety of other high-end luxury watches, Rolex has not established a clear case to support the model of your watch. 3. Watch the weight - the real gold and platinum is very heavy.

If you are a real gold Rolex in the hand, you will notice that it is quite heavy. Most copies are not close to a real Rolex watch weight. If it is surprisingly light, it is a good idea to dig deeper into other functions. 4. Cyclops lens - Rolex is a Cyclops date window at the inventor of the lens. This is a piece of glass made in the 3 o'clock position, about 2.5 time's magnified date. Many counterfeiters attempt to replicate this failure. Replica Rolex watches, often only 1.5 times the date will enlarge the window and the difference is obvious, after looking for the Cheap Rolex Watches real deal. When the Cyclops in the corner straight, date window should be enlarged, so that it almost fills the Cyclops glass 5, Date display and rotating bezel - Rolex watches is "perfect" lettering printing and adjustment is very well done to the smallest detail. Print date or if there is any cultural alignment is slightly off, this is a false clear instructions. If you look at the watch, has a rotating bezel and count the number, click once on rotation. Real Rolex baffle about 120 times and usually only click on a replica 60 times. Rolex bezel is really quiet and subtle, and leaves feeling very "colicky" and loud, should be very solid. Jay Calah the amount of time and precious stones, online retail stores has been sold since 1997, Rolex watches. Go to their website with hundreds of men and women who used Rolex watch or a stop in downtown Los Angeles showroom.

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